Proclus 1600

February 8, 2012

Proclus was born on this day (February 8th) in 412 C.E. I wrote some words for a commemoration at the site of his house in Athens.

5 Responses to “Proclus 1600”

  1. Greg said

    Beautifully written. Inspiring, and important for our time. I hope many have the opportunity to read this tribute to Proclus and his tradition.

  2. Nice to see this very ringing “Procl-amation” of a living Platonism. This generation has certainly managed to expunge the ‘lifeless’ Platonists, lugging their superstitiously “fallen” philsophies into inevitable sunset… hard to see how Proclus could have been understood in that atmosphere.

    I liked the general note you sounded about interaction of philosophy with theology, perhaps simply with religion… on a wider scale I’m seeing a heartening amount of this kind of creativity, especially counting science as a philosophy.

    I have always felt some disjuncture between Platonism and the Homeric, one that ought to be bridged by someone like Pindar but somehow is not… I can’t really see literally within epic the philosophy later read into it. However as a creative philosophical interaction with the past Greek philosophy can feel like a whole to me. So thanks for that.

  3. Joaquim Kaddosh said

    Souvenez-vous toujours que la philosophie s’est voulue comme une nouvelle episteme, indépendante de la religion. Vous continuez à confondre astrologie et astronomie, hélas!
    Joaquim Kaddosh
    Lisbon, Portugal

  4. […] On the Occasion of the 1,600th Anniversary of the Birth of Proclus (2/08/12) by Edward P. Butler […]

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