(Qudshu, Qodsha) Qadesh is a Goddess clearly originating outside of Egypt, somewhere in the Levant, for her name is a Semitic word meaning ‘the Holy’ or ‘Holiness’. On one monument, however, the same figure is labeled ‘Qenet’. Qadesh is depicted as a nude woman facing front (similar in this respect to Hathor) holding snakes or lotus blossoms in both hands, generally standing atop a lion. On a stone bowl from the reign of Horemheb Qadesh bears the epithet “lady of the stars of heaven” (Redford 1973). Walter Meier identifies Qadesh with a Goddess named as ‘Serpent Lady’ in proto-Sinaitic inscriptions, and sees her as an early form of the Phoenician Goddess Tanith or Tannit, deriving the name Tannit from a Canaanite form Tannintu, also meaning ‘Serpent Lady’, from tannîn, ‘serpent’ (Maier 1986, 100). In Egyptian images Qadesh is frequently accompanied by Min and Reshep.

Maier, Walter A. 1986. Ašerah, Extrabiblical Evidence. Atlanta: Scholars Press.
Redford, Donald B. 1973. “New Light on the Asiatic Campaigning of Horemheb.” Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research No. 211: 36-49

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