(Meresger) Meretseger, whose name means ‘She who loves silence’, is the Goddess of the Theban necropolis, the ‘Valley of the Kings’. She is particularly embodied in the mountain peak dominating the complex, from which she derives her common title ‘the Western Peak’. Meretseger is depicted variously as a woman with a serpent’s head, a serpent with a woman’s head, a serpent headed sphinx, or a serpent with auxiliary heads of a woman and a vulture, and with a similar diversity of crowns. Most of what we know of her cult comes from the testimonials of artisans who worked upon the royal tombs, who testify to her at once wrathful and forgiving nature. A sacred serpent appears to have been kept in honor of Meretseger, as is attested by the sarcophagus of one (Lexikon vol. 4, p. 80).

Helck, Wolfgang and Eberhard Otto, eds. 1973–. Lexikon der Ägyptologie. Wiesbaden: Otto Harrassowitz.

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