(Qebehwet, Qebhut) Kebehwet’s name is interpreted as the Celestial Serpent, from qbHw, translated ‘firmament’ or ‘celestial waters’; the verb qbH also has the sense of watering, cleansing, and refreshing. Kebehwet is said at PT utterance 515 to be the daughter of Anubis. The deceased king declares “I am bound for the Field of Life, the abode of Re in the firmament, I have found Kebehwet.” She meets the king with four jars of some refreshing substance, cleanses him and burns incense before him. In utterance 690 this cleansing is said to occur “upon the causeway in the meadow,” presumably a location in the sky. In utterance 674 Kebehwet is said to “freshen your heart in your body in the house of her father Anubis,” and a further connection with Anubis is to be presumed from the recurring formula “your front [or face] is that of a jackal, your hinder-parts [or midsection] are Kebehwet [or ‘is that of Kebehwet’],” (utterances 582, 619, 674, 691 B). Kebehwet is mentioned, not by name, but simply as “daughter of Anubis” and “companion of Thoth” in utterance 304, where she opens “the windows of the sky” to permit the king access by a ladder.

It has been suggested that a subtle allusion to Kebehwet is to be found in an incident from the Tale of Two Brothers (13f), when the brother named Anubis places the heart of his brother Bata in a bowl of cool water to resurrect him; for the significance of the libation of “cool” (ḳbḥw) water, see Delia (1992).

Delia, Diana. 1992. “The Refreshing Water of Osiris.” Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt 29: 181-190.

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