Igai is a God associated with the oases of Egypt’s western desert, bearing the title “Lord of the Oasis,” and often occurs together with Ha, the God of the western desert. Igai is depicted as a man with two was (uas) scepters over his head, the sign of his name. In PT utterance 377, a snake “who lives on the hearts of those Gods who are in Ôn [Heliopolis]” is neutralized by the play on words, “may you be overturned (ga’a) in your name of Igai,” perhaps referring to the oasis sunken in the desert. CT spells 755 and 756 cite Igai, together with Ha, in a similarly punning formula: “Do not become hemmed in/choke (gwa) in this your name of Igai; do not become decayed (hwa) in this your name of Ha”; the formula may refer to Igai as the oasis “hemmed in” by the desert.

Fischer, H. G. 1957. “A God and a General of the Oasis on a Stele of the Late Middle Kingdom.” Journal of Near Eastern Studies 16: 223-235.

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  1. […] et au signe du desert sur sa tête. Mais Ha partage aussi ses fonctions avec un second dieu: Igai, le Seigneur de l’Oasis. Ce dernier à l’apparence d’homme lui aussi, possède […]

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