(Hauhet) “The Infinite/Eternal” (fem.), a Goddess belonging to the Hermopolitan Ogdoad. Consort of the God Heh, they represent together the concept of neheh. There are two concepts of eternity in Egyptian thought, neheh and djet, which are clearly complementary, but precisely how has been a subject of controversy. Djet has been interpreted as the static eternity of that which stands outside of time, the perfect, permanent, or timeless but also, in some respect, lifeless or at any rate timelessly past; hence in a commentary on spell 335 of the Coffin Texts, djet is interpreted as night, neheh as day, insofar as night preceded the first sunrise with which cyclical time or neheh commenced. Neheh appears to have meant the eternity of cosmic time, embodied in the orderly revolutions of the heavenly bodies; thus Heh and Hehet are sometimes depicted in the twelfth hour of the night welcoming the reborn sun.

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