(Anubet, Anput) Anupet is the female counterpart of Anubis and the Goddess presiding over the 17th nome (or district) of Upper Egypt, known in Greek as the Cynopolitan nome, for being the cult center of Anubis. Anupet is depicted in a famous statue alongside the 4th Dynasty King Menkaure and the Goddess Hathor. Here she is depicted in human form, with a reclining jackal on a standard above her head adorned with a feather. This feather perhaps serves to distinguish the jackal standard of Anupet from that of Anubis. At the temple of Hathor at Dendera, Anupet is depicted as a jackal brandishing knives, and figures of a female jackal suckling pups have been identified with Anupet.

DuQuesne, Terence. 2005. Jackal Divinities of Egypt I: From the Archaic Period to Dynasty X. London: Da’th Scholarly Services/Darengo Publications.

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2 Responses to “Anupet”

  1. Kiya said

    Do you guys have any pictures of anupet in the Dendera temple?

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