(Imentet) Amentet is the divine personification of the West, not as a geographical orientation, but as the place where the sun sets, a symbol of death. Amentet’s name comes from the Egyptian name for this mythical West, Amente (Amenti), ‘the hidden land’. She is depicted anthropomorphically, with the hieroglyphic sign for the west on her head, which in its earlier form shows a hawk on a standard with a single feather at the front; later the symbol is simplified. Amentet wears in addition the red headband of Hathor and ‘Amentet’ is often simply an epithet borne by Hathor. Amentet’s paradigmatic role is to welcome the deceased, as in PT utterance 254, where she is called ‘the Beautiful West’: “Behold, she comes to meet you, the Beautiful West, meeting you with her lovely tresses, and she says, ‘Here comes he who I have borne, whose horn is upstanding, the eye-painted pillar, the bull of the sky! Your shape is distinct; pass in peace, for I have protected you’—so says the Beautiful West to the king.”

Faulkner, R. O. 1969. The Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts. Oxford: Oxford University Press. [PT]

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