Conference Video and Virtual Exhibition

November 1, 2021

The first ever online conference of the Center for Global Polytheist and Indigenous Traditions can now be viewed in its entirety on YouTube:

Day One

Day Two, First Panel

Day Two, Second Panel

And here you can access videos of all the individual presentations and panel discussions: Video Archives

The accompanying virtual exhibition of art by polytheist artists’ cooperative Numen Arts is also now open for viewing, and will stay up for the rest of the month.

I wish to thank all of the participants, attendees, and the entire team at Indic Academy for making this conference such a success.


3 Responses to “Conference Video and Virtual Exhibition”

  1. Thank you for your excellent work on organizing and convening the conference! It was a great success!

    It appears that day 2 is in two different segments, so you might want to update your links accordingly. 😉

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