Parliament of the World’s Religions 2021

October 17, 2021

I was honored to be invited to appear on a panel at the 2021 Parliament of the World’s Religions hosted by the International Commission for Human Rights and Religious Freedom titled “Indigenous Religious Traditions and a Polycentric Worldview”. Here is the text of my remarks.


2 Responses to “Parliament of the World’s Religions 2021”

  1. Excellent!

    Though I know you present it here in PDF form for those who are interested, if I may make the suggestion: post it in full. While your avid fans are apt to download it and read it for themselves, those who are unaware of you and your work, but who may be looking for things in this regard (or who might have some interesting responses to the statements you made–which have facts as well as truths which cannot be denied!) may be more likely to respond, and to find you, if it is all laid out on the page before them without having to do anything beyond the simple Google search.

    (I am learning from my students that if something takes more than a click away from a search engine for them, or even the materials I present on our online learning platform pages, they don’t look at it…which is a thing in itself, but anyway…!?!)

    This is your blog, after all, and it’s not taking up “extra space” here to have it in extenso (which is not that “extenso”!–not that such is any defect!)…so, why not? Give everyone a taste of the ol’ Dr. Edward eloquence, eh? 😉

  2. suzmuse said

    Gorgeous! And so accessible!

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