Registration open for CGPIT online conference, “Polytheisms Today and Tomorrow”

September 27, 2021

Register here to attend the first ever online conference of the Center for Global Polytheist and Indigenous Traditions at Indic Academy. (Please note that the time on the registration form is just a placeholder for now.)

In addition to the papers which came in from the earlier announcement, the organizers have decided to expand the conference, adding two new sections and inviting the participation of public intellectuals, thinkers and artists in the Dialogues on Pluralism and in Polytheist Art.

In the Dialogues on Pluralism, participants will discuss the broader intellectual, social and ecological implications of the fundamental cosmogonic multiplicity entailed by the polytheist worldview, for which the world embodies a multiverse constructed by human, inhuman and divine agents of all kinds, with irreducibly many forms of organization and superimposed fabrics of meaning.

In the section on Polytheist Art, the celebration of living polytheisms at the conference will incorporate contributions in the visual arts by polytheist creators, including the participation of polytheist artists’ cooperative Numen Arts.

Those interested in participating in either of the new sections should contact me at


4 Responses to “Registration open for CGPIT online conference, “Polytheisms Today and Tomorrow””

  1. Quick question: can you post the time zone conversions here (or somewhere) so that I make sure I am awake at the right times for this? I have been at a few online conferences this year where they did not do that, and I ended up missing a few sessions as a result (luckily, not the ones I was presenting in, only ones I was really looking forward to attending…!?!).

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