“Techniques for Interpreting Mythology from the Pagan Platonists,” Centre for Indic Studies

September 11, 2021

I was honored to be invited to give this lecture at the Centre for Indic Studies, which is now available to view on their YouTube Channel. My thanks to Dr. Ritendra (Ram) Sharma for his interest in my work, and to the entire team at CIS for facilitating this event.

One Response to ““Techniques for Interpreting Mythology from the Pagan Platonists,” Centre for Indic Studies”

  1. I’m a little more than halfway through this…but your paper was fantastic, and I am looking forward to hearing the rest of your discussion!

    On the matter of the historicizing/material interpretation of myth, and no specialist being indicated for that mode of interpretation: it occurs to me that not only was my philological and historical training during my Ph.D. pretty much exactly what you’re discussing, but also that a TON of what we consider “Irish Myths” also fall into this category functionally: the dindshenchas materials, for example, are just accounts of placenames and what happened there, and are at best a “genealogy of landscape” (as A. Joseph McMullen once said). However, since we don’t know what the rituals are that were done in those places or what they even were, the historicizing is really all we can do with all of that, alas…or at least strictly speaking.

    I’ve gone much further than that myself, of course, but I’ve also had experience of some of those beings, so that’s another source of myth in certain respects which then changes the appropriate modes and the resulting appropriate specialists to conduct such interpretations.

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