Walking the Worlds 3.1 (Winter 2016): Ecstatic Practices

February 12, 2017


The new issue of Walking the Worlds is out, and though I do not have a piece in this issue, everyone should still check it out; many intellectual pleasures await you. A table of contents is available here, and on the same site you will find information about how to order, as well as submission guidelines. The theme for the next issue (Summer 2017) will be “Divination and Oracles”. The deadline for submissions for this issue is May 1st; write something and submit it, don’t be afraid!

On related notes, first, Sarah Kate Istra Winter, the brilliant designer of Walking the Worlds as well as an important voice on its editorial board and an occasional contributor—including in the present issue—has a new book out that I recommend highly, Between the Worlds: Notes from the Threshold. At the link, you’ll find a detailed description and table of contents, as well as links to order it directly from Createspace, or from Amazon. Winter is one of the most potent and insightful voices in devotional polytheism, and her work deserves our attention and support.

Second, I’d like to link to a piece that just missed the cut to be included in the present issue of Walking the Worlds, due rather to constraints on the author’s time than to any shortcomings in his work. He’s published it on his site, however, and I hope you’ll have a look: The Cults of Dionysos: Ecstatic Practices and Shamanism in Classical Greece


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