Noēseis: The Nature of the Gods (VII): Providence and Powers

October 3, 2016


The latest installment of my column on has been posted. This column concludes a seven-part series on the nature of the Gods, of which the previous parts, along with all of my other columns, can be found here. As always, my heartfelt thanks go out to’s editor, the Anomalous Thracian (of Thracian Exodus fame), for providing a platform on the internet for polytheist thought such as my own.



4 Responses to “Noēseis: The Nature of the Gods (VII): Providence and Powers”

  1. It is easier for me to leave comments here than there, for various reasons of electronic mediumship that are as abstruse to me as how people maintain a “medium” in clothes sizes…!?!

    In any case, I enjoyed your latest article, and indeed the whole series. I wish I had more that is cogent or useful to say than that, but I don’t…other than to just express my thanks and appreciation for your consistent production of such high-quality material!

    • Edward P. Butler said

      Some of us find maintaining a “large” just as challenging…

      • From someone who goes beyond what some clothing brands consider “XL” now, too, I certainly hear you and feel you there. 😉

        (European, South American, and Asian sizes are the worst for that…too bad their clothes are so cool, or it wouldn’t be an issue for me…!?!)

      • And, crikey: here we are, two intelligent Ph.D.s who, in response to a very cogent and interesting philosophical piece, are now talking about clothing sizes.

        The world shall surely end soon.

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