“A Comment on Kaldera on Henotheism”

July 17, 2014

At the recent Polytheist Leadership Conference in Fishkill, NY, I was pleased to attend a rich discussion of henotheism by Raven Kaldera, Brandon Hardy, and Joshua Tenpenny. Since I have also written on the subject of henotheism and related topics, I decided to compose my thoughts on the talk into a brief essay. Hopefully it will eventually appear in a volume of proceedings from the conference which will include the substance of the original presentation in some form. My thanks to Raven, Brandon and Joshua for their presentation, and for all they did to help make the PLC so rewarding for myself and everyone else in attendance.

A Comment on Kaldera on Henotheism

(Updated 7/18/14: Slightly revised.)


2 Responses to ““A Comment on Kaldera on Henotheism””

  1. L said

    Reblogged this on Mountain, Path, and Pool and commented:
    THIS. This, this, this. Exactly this. This is my experience and understanding of the nature of gods, and this is also a marvelous Western expression of how they function in relation to us and each other. Beautiful piece.

  2. This is superb.

    To say anything else would be to start making fun of people, and let’s just not, shall we? 😉

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