Philosophy in Review

February 2, 2012

Here are my reviews to date for PIR:

David Jones, ed. Confucius Now: Contemporary Encounters with the Analects (Vol. 29, No. 5, 2009).

Edward C. Halper, One and Many in Aristotle’s Metaphysics: Books Alpha-Delta (Vol. 30, No. 3, 2010).

Damascius, Damascius’ Problems and Solutions Concerning First Principles. (Vol. 31, No. 3, 2011).


2 Responses to “Philosophy in Review”

  1. Ashmen Dasgupta said

    Hello Mr. Butler! As someone who enjoys the writings of Proclus very much especially after coming across your work on him, I was thinking I should next read Damascius. However I do not read Greek and was wondering if getting Damascius Problems and Solutions Concerning First Principles Translated by Sara Ahbel-Rappe would be okay, because as of right now this seems to be the only English translation. What I mean by this is that it seems from your review that the translation has many errors which could possibly lead to philosophical or theological misunderstandings and mistakes in the reasoning process and text. If I read the book side by side with your pdf file listing the corrections you have made to the translation would this safeguard me from the most egregious errors and give me a pretty good text for study and contemplation? Anyways I appreciate the work you do and hope you could help me with your opinion. Thanks!

  2. henadology said

    Thank you for your kind words and for your interest in my work. Regarding Prof. Ahbel-Rappe’s translation of Damascius, I am afraid that my errata file is far from a complete accounting of the errors therein. I have myself subsequently come across further errors in the translation, and Michael Chase, in his review of the translation for the International Journal of the Platonic Tradition, identified some additional ones. I am not sure that a complete accounting of the errors in that edition is practical, to say nothing of infelicities and misjudgments that would also mislead a reader without access to the Greek text. The only usable translation of De principiis at this time, I am afraid, is the French translation of Combès and Westerink.

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