Online Chaldean Oracles Resource

January 25, 2010

It occurred to me that those reading my “Flower of Fire” essay from the Hekate devotional volume (available here) may find this site useful. It’s a synoptic presentation of the extant fragments of the Oracles in the English translations by Majercik and by Wescott together with the German translation by Michel Tardieu after Hans Lewy. There used to be a site with the Greek text of the fragments, but it seems to be defunct.

UPDATE (6/1/13): The Prometheus Trust has reprinted Majercik’s edition of the fragments, which is the one that anybody interested in the Oracles must use. For North America, it’s available here; otherwise, check the Prometheus Trust site.

UPDATE (10/26/13): The Myspace site is gone, but thankfully Majercik’s edition of the fragments is available again.



2 Responses to “Online Chaldean Oracles Resource”

  1. Dennis Lampkowski said

    Thanks much, Edward, for this link. The Majercik book is out of print and seems hard to find. I am relying on interlibrary loans. Next time I get it on ILL, I just have to photocopy much of it.


  2. henadology said

    I’m glad I could help. The site used to have the Greek text of the fragments, but it appears to be defunct. Majercik’s book is indeed very hard to find. The best option in print right now is the des Places edition of the fragments from Les Belles Lettres:

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