Dissertation now available in MS Word

September 25, 2009

It has come to my attention that a number of people have been having difficulty downloading the PDF file of my dissertation, “The Metaphysics of Polytheism in Proclus.” My apologies to those who have had such problems. As a result, I have added to the Philosophy page an MS Word file of the dissertation for those unable to download the PDF. Please note that the pagination in this file does not correspond to the PDF, which is the version of record.


6 Responses to “Dissertation now available in MS Word”

  1. Well done Edward!

    Despite the big size of the PDF file, it was impossible to perform a search in the text, to locate points of interest.

    Once again, please accept my deepest thanks for the service you provide in promoting the true view of the Hellenic tradition.


    • henadology said

      It’s true, the ability to search the text is very helpful. The MS Word version also corrects any errors I’ve discovered in the text over time.

  2. Ian said

    Thanks–I appreciate it. I had no problem downloading it.

    I’ve wanted to reacquaint myself with Neoplatonism and this sort of thing is one good point of entry. It warms the cockels of my philosophical heart to see you mention Damascius.

    Best regards,

    • henadology said

      One cannot do serious work on Proclus without working on Damascius as well, because he was pretty much the most well-informed and perceptive reader of Proclus imaginable. In my own work, I frequently consult Damascius to elucidate delicate points in Proclus. Much of this stays in the background, though.

      It requires a very sensitive understanding of Proclus’ system in order to really grasp the changes Damascius makes in it, the most important of which in my opinion is not, as modern authors generally would say, the status of the First Principle, but rather the status of Being. I discuss this a little in chapter 5 of the dissertation, though I intend to take up the matter more adequately in forthcoming work.

  3. Apollonios said

    Few are those who understand Henology and many that believe they are gurus on the subject.
    Thanking you for illuminating Henology.
    You give to the philo sopho, Ariadnes thred whereby one can thred the mystic pieces together on Athenas loom.


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